Saturday, February 6, 2016

Football Fruit Topiary

So, I probably couldn't tell you who's playing in this year's Super Bowl, but I DO know it's an occasion for food. This year, our table will have a definite mix of healthy and gosh-I-tried-to-stick-to-a-Paleo-plan-but...you-know....(smiles and shrugs shoulders).

Anyway, I wanted to have sort of a centerpiece and this is what I came up with. I couldn't find a football-shaped styrofoam piece at the craft store, so I settled for an egg shape and sliced a little off the bottom to keep it from rolling around.

I literally poked toothpicks in the foam (starting at the bottom) and pushed a grape onto each one. The "lacing" on top, crude as it may look, not unlike my actual sewing skills, LOL, is cut out of lemon peel. It didn't really take that long to cover the whole thing, and I think it will look cute tomorrow :)

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